A tatami (畳, literally filled or piled) is a Japanese term used to describe a type of mat used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese household. Traditional tatamis are made of rice straw, with a covering border made of soft or silky material. Historically, there were a luxury items that few could afford, while commoners would use loose straw for bedding.

Traditional tatamis are also used in classical martial arts dojos in order to provide additional absorption, while ensuring a density and firmness to avoid compromising movement.

Tatami are very durable and can last several years if treated with care. It is highly recommended to remove your shoes before stepping on a tatami mat. Its light green bamboo color tends to fade away and turn to a light straw yellow over the years. Cleaning is generally limited to regular vacuuming and cleaning with a humid cloth occasionally.

Tatamis are made in standard sizes with the length exactly twice its width (ratio of 2:1), allowing for placement of the tatami in both directions. Traditionally, they are 91 cm x 182 cm by 5cm thick, although they can be found in various sizes. Half tatamis (ratio of 1:1) are used to complete the surface depending on the layout chosen.

Jukado traditional straw mats are imported from Taiwan as Japan made mats tend to be extremely expensive. Our traditional mats are made only of rice straw. There is no synthetic filling in the center.

• Price:
  Tatami mat - 199.99$
  Half tatami-mat - 99.99$

* discounts may apply on volume.