Martial arts and training platform building service

With over 40 years experience on building Judo platform and competition surfaces, Jukado has developped the most effective and technically perfect platform ever conceived. Our expertise in the field is renowned all across America.

A mat or surface system will only compress a certain percentage of the material itself depending on its density if laid on a hard rigid surface such as a concrete floor. This often leads to injuries as the mat themselves can not absorb and dissipate the energy from a fall adequately. In Judo and other discipline using throws and takedowns, it is necessary to have a sub floor system that will deflect and absorb the impact of an adult falling from sometimes above the head heights.

The tatami can then sink too much compare to the one next to it and sometimes cause broken toes. Manufacturers of mats will tell you they are not designed to take the impact of a Judo throw on a concrete floor. Therefore a “sprung” floor is necessary so that the mats are not taking 100 percent of the impact and a fast, firm surface is still retained. Having your mats placed on top of a good quality platform greatly help preventing injuries.